Cemetery Tours

Every Columbus Day weekend, and also by reservation during the rest of the year, I have the pleasure of leading a special tour at the Nathan Hale Cemetery in Coventry, CT. Graveyards, especially ancient ones, are full to bursting with stories of ghosts, accidents and incidents, history, catastrophic illness, derring do, and other anomalies of every day life. Sometimes the most interesting tales are about ordinary people rather than the rich and famous. In a way, all cemeteries can be said to be haunted. It just takes some detective work to ferret out the details. At Nathan Hale, tour participants learn about 17th and 18th century burial practices and beliefs, shrouds and epitaphs, and volunteers have the opportunity to check out the view for themselves at an intact grave site. Secrets in stone abound in this yard, and true tales of early near-death experiences, journeys to heaven, and kidnapping by Indians are among the many topics elicited by what is carved upon the grave markers. Discover where several of the ghosts said to haunt Hale Homestead are spending eternity. Learn about consumption and vampirism, but never fear, protection is always provided for all who enter here. Hear of the intriguing but little known connection between the Hale family and the Salem Witch Trials.

What was the leading cause of death among children? Why is Nathan Hale so famous and where do his bones repose today? Who carved these fantastic images, and where did they get the stone? Tours of Nathan Hale Cemetery are available year round, and after -dark lantern light programs can be arranged as well. If you have an ancestor buried in Coventry, it might be possible to show you the grave, with advance notice. It’s easy to book a program simply by entering your request as a comment to this post , or by sending an email to ost.uni@hotmail.com.

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  1. I read your “World without End” review. I too have become caught up in the world Follett has created. I first read it…and now am listening to the audio version…the reader is excellent and going back over plot points has been worth while. I live in California and I am also involved in a) historic house museums and b) tours. I write a weekly column for our local paper (in Oakland). I have written about a local landmark house…which was once owned by (this is a coincidence) a descendant of Nathan Hale! Yes, really. Hope you see this, and respond. Keep up the good work.

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