Going home again

4 of 5 stars

Seattle journalist Laurie Sasslyn unexpectedly finds herself heading for her childhood hometown in Maine to deal with the estate of her beloved aunt Dot. Although her legal affairs are in order, Dot’s house is stuffed to the rafters, and Laurie is loathe to leave the clear out to a professional company and risk losing irretrievable personal memorabilia in the process. When two friends from high school days, June and Nick, offer their assistance , they all hunker down to sift through the house, room by room and box by box. While the letters, books, and photos are interesting and appealing, it is the half finished, hand carved duck found at the bottom of a box that grabs Laurie’s interest. As she begins to research its origins, word spreads through town, and several parties volunteer to take the duck off her hands. Laurie’s research experiences come to  form the heart of this story, which at heart is about values, choices, and love.

As Laurie sorts through 90 years’ worth of photos, letters, books and memorabilia, she comes across a hand carved, beautifully painted duck tucked deep in the bottom of a chest. Intrigued, Laurie begins researching this mysterious duck, and the more she learns, the more she convinced she becomes that there is a message to be learned  from this simple and beautiful object. A mystery arises, but at its heart, this is a story about family secrets, the choices we make, and why we make them. Along the way, Laurie’s home town of Calcasset  becomes an additional character, its  traditional New England features as carefully rendered as those of the human ones 

Flying Solo is more than a beach read,  filled as it is with a family mystery,  intriguing characters, and local color. Well worth taking a closer look at for its entertainment value and the insights that can be gleaned from its story.


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