It’s a Mystery: Top Secret Twenty One, by Janet Evanovicz

Top Secret Twenty-One (Stephanie Plum #21)Ranger Danger

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Stephanie Plum, intrepid bounty hunter, forever forty-something (I guess), lands smack in the middle of a secret FBI terrorism probe in Top Secret 21. Janet Evanovich has her formula down pat, and there’s not much new here. There’s always a skip that eludes Stephanie’s best efforts, there’s always sexual tension as she continues to be unable to decide between Morelli and Ranger, and while there are always elements of danger, there’s very little suspense or tension. I keep reading this series for its quirky humor. In this outing, Steph’s feisty Grandma Mazur engages Grandma Morelli in a funeral home-based feud involving cream pies and garden hoses. Steph winds up in charge of a dozen feral chihuahuas (aka minions) while their homeless owner sits in the pokey awaiting bail. Lula is her usual outrageous self; she is in the running for the top of my list of favorite female fiction characters. Grandma Mazur thinks she’s died and gone to heaven after seeing the hunky Ranger in the buff. There’s a lot more craziness here, the kind of stuff that makes me willing to overlook plot deficiencies. (Why would Ranger continue to involve Stephanie in his ultra dangerous work? Why doesn’t Morelli make a stand in this never ending love triangle? Why has her landlord not evicted her by now?)

Sometimes a little silly but reliable fun is just what a reader needs. Try the audio version, entertainingly read by Lorelie King.

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