It’s a Mystery: Firefly Beach, by Meira Pentermann

Firefly Beach

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Newly divorced accountant Beth leaves the world of stress and numbers behind, moving to Maine to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. As she settles into her rented cottage, she begins to become acquainted with the colorful residents of Virginia Point Cove, each with his or her own set of eccentricities and foibles. No sooner does she move in than Beth finds herself with a strange new “friend”, which she at first takes to be a firefly but then realizes it’s a strange little orb of light that can zip around a great speed and travel through solid windows and walls. The orb leads her to a secluded beach, where she discovers a diary hidden away amongst the rocks of the cliff face. Soon Beth is intent upon finding the girl, a woman now, who hid the book away before she disappeared from town. She will not be able to settle comfortably into her new life until that happens. It seems likely that there will be a sequel, since when Beth and the handsome craftsman living in town team up to solve the mystery together, a deeper relationship seems afoot.

Firefly Beach is perhaps most suited in its simplicity to a young adult audience.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery: Firefly Beach, by Meira Pentermann

  1. Linda,
    I’m impressed by your book reviews. I am a UK based author with a long list of international credits ( Principally a playwright, but when I have something REALLY important to say then I write a novel!
    I wonder if you would be interested in doing an Amazon review for my new book, which, as a past reviewer of ** and other thoughtful stuff, might be up your street. Take a look at the book – – and if you like the look of it I can email the text.
    Best wishes,
    Robin Hawdon.

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