It’s a Mystery: I’ll Be Watching You, by Andrea Kane

I'll Be Watching You

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It hasn’t been a good year for psychologist Taylor Halstead. Her story opens with an attempted sexual assault by her cousin Steph’s boyfriend, Gordon, fortunately averted when Steph arrives on the scene unexpectedly. Within hours, Gordon and Steph are dead, killed when his yacht explodes. Taylor can’t forget Gordon’s final words to her: he’ll be back to finish what he started, and until then, “I’ll be watching you.” His death comes as a relief, and she tries to put the horrific experience behind her. But four months later, two sinister emails, written in much the same vein, plunge her into another nightmare, one in which she is relentlessly and terrifyingly stalked. Support comes in the handsome form Reed Weston, the attorney who’s helping to probate Gordon and Steph’s estates. Romance is quick to bloom, but when Reed’s called upon the defend Gordon’s twin brother on charges of murder, Taylor is stunned. How could Reed defend the very man she suspects is her stalker?

I’ll Be Watching You falls solidly within the romantic suspense genre. As a mystery, the plot is somewhat contrived but has the requisite twists and turns. It isn’t very difficult to ID the stalker, but it’s more a matter of how than who. It also has the requisite sex scenes, in which the earth moves for both Taylor and Reed, but the relationship manages not to be too cloying. This is a fast paced book that should appeal to fans of Heather Graham and Kay Hooper.

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