It’s a Mystery: Over Her Dead Body, by Kate White

Over Her Dead Body

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Would-be authors are often advised to “write what you know”, and former Cosmopolitan magazine editor Kate White has done just that with her series featuring Bailey Weggins. In Over Her Dead Body, Bailey has just lost her job at Gloss and lands on her feet with a new one as crime writer for a celebrity rag. She’s happy to have it, despite warnings from a co-worker about what a *itch her new boss, Mona, is. But someone bashes Mona in the head, and Bailey’s assigned to write an on-the-scene article about the murder from an insider’s point of view. There is an entire roster of possible suspects, all of who had axes to grind with Mona.

This is a light, brisk mystery, with the reader following Bailey as she works at solving the case during the day, and at building a new romantic relationship in the evening. She’s definitely a Devil Loves Prada, Sex and the City sort of career woman, never hesitating to get down and dirty. The plot is a simple one, but loaded with red herrings (scarlet/vermilion/puce???). There are two neat twists at the end, one for the murder case and the other for the romance, the latter a teaser to entice readers into picking up the sequel. But I like my mysteries a little less chick-litty.

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