It’s a Mystery: Murder at Marble Arch, by Anne Perry

Midnight at Marble Arch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Within a matter of days, three of Victorian London’s society women are raped, and all three soon died as a result. This is not a subject discussed in polite company, but Thomas Pitt, now Commander of Special Branch, and his predecessor and friend, Victor Narraway, find themselves driven by moral outrage to see that justice is done. It seems that times have changed very slowly with respect to the prosecution of rape, mainly because, in the process, the victim’s reputation and emotional well being take more of a hit than the rapist’s. Veteran author Anne Perry does a superb job in illustrating the difficulties that beset all involved in such a crime, es Over the years, she has developed her Commander Pitt into a tough yet sensitive bull dog of a copper whose innate empathy never allows him to forget the human side of his cases, despite the fact that this trait causes him a great deal of personal anxiety. It is perhaps this factor that prevents this series, now at volume twenty-eight, from growing stale or hackneyed. Murder at Marble Arch is fresh, engrossing, and well worth reading not merely for its entertainment value, but also for the questions that it raises and ponders that remain valid today. The more things change….

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