A Modern Take on Some Historical Figures

This is great fun! Yesterday, the UK’s The Telegraph posted an article about the  images of five historical figures, and modernized their apparel, hair, and accessories to see how the changes would affect our perceptions of them. The difference is, first, amusing, and then surprising. I guess clothes do make the man and woman, after all, or at least their image….

Check it out.

Famous faces from history including William Shakespeare, Henry VIII and Horatio Nelson have been given a modern makeover to see how they would look if they were alive today.The project, comissioned by history TV channel Yesterday to celebrate its new series, the Secret Life Of..., saw digital artists working closely with history experts to ensure the portraits gave a real sense of how historical characters would look if they were alive in the 21st Century. ABOVE: ADMIRAL LORD NELSONA Vice Admiral and dedicated navy officer Nelson is dressed in a modern naval uniform.In today's Navy, Nelson would spend more time deskbound and as such he would have gained a little weight which is reflected in the portrait.To replace the right arm lost after being wounded in battle, he has been given a prosthetic to wear.The Victoria Cross wasn't available during his time but had they been in existence, he would have qualified.Admiral Nelson, photo by Yesterday.

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