History News: Facial Reconstruction of Richard III

Introducing King Richard III!

Reconstruction: The world's only facial reconstruction of Richard III unveiled 528 years after his death by Philippa Langley, originator of the 'Looking for Richard' project

Now that  his skeletal remains  have been authenticated, members of the project have lost no time commissioning a reconstruction of Richard’s face, based upon analysis of his skull. And here he is! Certainly an improvement over this unflattering (possibly propogandist) portrait.

Killed in battle: Richard IIII for one, having done a fair amount of reading about this king, do not believe Shakespeare’s malicious version of his character. But I like to think he did shout, “My kingdom for a horse!” in his final moments in battle.


2 thoughts on “History News: Facial Reconstruction of Richard III

  1. I’m curious to know if the people doing the reconstruction were familiar with the various representations of RIII, or if they were working as forensic scientists would do, working with only a skull and no additional information.

    • Quinn, judging from the various articles I’ve read, the reconstruction artist is familiar with existing portraits, but did not attempt to copy them. Evidently, they were all painted posthumously.

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