It’s a Mystery: The Girl in the Green Raincoat, by Laura Lippman

The Girl in the Green Raincoat (Tess Monaghan, #11)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good plot is worth revisiting from time to time, which is what Laura Lippman has done in The Girl in the Green Raincoat. Ms. Lippman pays homage to two classics, the film “Rear Window” and the novel The Daughter of Time. Tess Monaghan, PI, is confined to bed for the last two months of her pregnancy, and has her own rear window.  Bored and restless, she takes to watching passersby in the park outside that window. The girl in the green raincoat who always walks her greyhound fails to show one day. But Tess sees the dog tearing through the park alone, and Tess becomes obsessed with the thought that something dire has happened to its owner. She begins an investigation from her laptop, while her best friend, Whitney, does the leg work. The greyhound also plays a key role. Murder has occurred, but in a way Tess never foresaw. In the process, she becomes a mother and learns abruptly about how perilous parenthood can be. Girl is a brief, engaging novel, easy to breeze through, but it also manages to deliver some truths about emotions and relationships.


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