How to Make a Hot Toddy

Feeling cold? Have a cold/sore throat/cough? This is the drink for you. Simply stated, a hot toddy is a mixed drink containing tea (or coffee, water, cider, coffee, etc.),  whiskey or another form of alcohol, and a sweetener.  Sometimes fruit, spices, and butter are added. Once believed to alleviate a cold, toddies were traditionally drunk at bedtime, or to warm up after becoming chilled.  Whether or not it has medicinal properties, it’s likely to make you feel better, if only for a little while! The toddy  appears to be a close relative of the more widely known Irish Coffee. The recipe’s very basic, and is amenable to all sorts of variations.

  1. Brew tea and fill a large mug 3/4 full.
  2. Mix in honey ( or other sweetener), 1 tbsp or to taste.
  3. Mix in 2 brandy or whiskey shots.
  4. Optional: Add lemon slice, cinnamon stick, a few cloves

Personally, I’d rather drink this when I don’t have a cold, the better to taste and enjoy. A few variations to try: flavored brandy, flavored tea or coffee, herbal tea, lemonade, star anise, or gin. (It’s also easy to make a virgin hot toddy, using apple cider or lemonade )

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