Christmas Traditions: Wierd Ornaments

Over the last decade or so, all sorts of businesses have tried to capitalize on the Christmas shopping rush by producing specialty ornaments, designed to appeal to only a segment of the population. It probably began with Hallmark and Disney, but the trend quickly grew to include the truly bizarre. A  few examples:

Merry Christmas! Let’s spend the day terrifying and slaughtering defenseless animals.

Yeah! Then we can mummify our victims and hang em on the tree each year!




A little Christmas candy.

He sees you when you’re sleeping. Already caught that little sucker on the right.


He’s the one who started the trend for Santa head ornaments.

Bring me the head of Santa Claus…….Hair keeps growing after death, right?

Ahh, the legend of the Christmas pickle….


Have  a holly, jolly roger.

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