It’s a Mystery: The Innocent, by Harlen Coben

The Innocent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Matt Hunter has built a wonderful new life, having served his time for causing the accidental death of another man at a college party. Olivia is smart and beautiful, and now they’re expecting their first child. But all this comes crashing down when Matt receives a photo of Olivia in a compromising situation in a motel room. In another part of town, the police are investigating the suspicious death of Sister Mary Rose, a nun with breast implants. In a series of complicated plot twists, these two threads gradually merge and become a tangled net of intrigue and desperation; for everyone involved has something dangerous to hide.

Implausible at times, The Innocent makes for interesting casual reading. Matt, however, is a sympathetic, if foolishly impulsive, protagonist, and the constellation of other characters threatening to destroy his life are reasonably credible. There are several genuinely suspenseful passages, and while it’s hard to believe that Matt has actually survived all that happens to him, the ending is a satisfying one.


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