History News: Burial Plans for Richard III

A new article from the BBC describes tentative plans for burying the skeleton exhumed from a parking lot near Bosworth, where King Richard III met his violent end in battle. Examination of the bones has yielded evidence of injuries consistent with those known to have caused his death. The spine reveals scoliosis, which may explain the claim that Richard was “hunchbacked”. Current plans, if DNA testing confirms that the skeleton is Richard’s, call for re-interring him in Leicester Cathedral, close to the place he died. Some are criticizing that idea, however, because the king had expressed his wish to be buried at York Minster.

I favor York, myself…. I know they’ll take that into consideration.

Full article: BBC News – Richard III dig: Leicester Cathedral burial confirmed.


5 thoughts on “History News: Burial Plans for Richard III

  1. He should definitely be at York. I just finished reading a few of Elly Griffiths books about an forensic anthropologist, Ruth Galloway. Don’t know if I found them here, but the bone analysis story reminded me.

  2. There was some-one from Worksop on the radio yesterday who said he should be buried in Worksop Priory!
    However, I think it should be York. A friend of mine was there not so long ago and was buying a poster of Richard III. The lady who served her looked at the picture and said “He was very good to us here,” – folk memories last a long time!

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