It’s a Mystery: A Plague of Secrets, by John Lescroart

A Plague of Secrets (Dismas Hardy #13)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The manager of a popular San Francisco coffee shop is found dead in the back alley. It soon becomes apparent that he was selling more than lattes. One of the suspects is the shop owner, Maya Townshend, who is running a sort of hobby business. When another of her former acquaintances is murdered, she’s indicted.

Dismas Hardy agrees to defend Maya, whether she committed these crimes or not, and he has to admit that she seems to be guilty. Her maddening refusal to discuss her relationship to the two victims only complicates things, but Diz is nothing if not persistent. As usual, Lescroart is at his best in the courtroom scenes, which overflow with tensions and surprises, and the truth never becomes clear until the final few chapters. Compelling mystery and courtroom drama, intelligently portrayed.


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