It’s a Mystery: Lethal, by Sandra Brown


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lee Coburn is a desperate fugitive, accused of brutally killing seven of his coworkers. When he takes hostage young widow Honor Gillette and her little girl, Emily, he does so for a purpose. Coburn believes she knows something that will dramatically change his situation. Honor, of course, is terrified, but she will soon learn that she has more to fear than Coburn. Lethal is a fast paced suspense novel brimming with surprises, in which it is never quite clear who can and can’t be trusted. Predictably, the relationship between Honor and Coburn evolves during their week together. It’s also easy to figure out who most of the bad guys are,  but the identity of the individual who causes all the mayhem remains a mystery almost to the end.


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