It’s a Mystery: The Heat of the Moon, by Sandra Parshall

The Heat of the Moon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Newly minted veterinarian Rachel Goddard is startled, during an emergency, to find herself in the grip of a long buried memory. Over the next few days, she becomes convinced that there’s more to her childhood than her mother, a respected psychologist, has ever revealed. Rachel’s queries to her mother and sister are coldly rebuffed, and she becomes resolute in her quest to uncover hidden secrets, whatever they may be. What she gradually discovers is far from what she expects, however, as she struggles to wrest her mind from her mother’s control.

The Heat of the Moon is a psychological mystery with heavy dollops of drama and romance. There are four main characters, each of which is fully realized. The plot is relatively simple and straightforward, following Rachel as she learns and adjusts to each new fact as it emerges. Paradoxically, she must repeatedly resort to deception in order to reach the truth. This is a suspenseful novel in which the tension is cerebral rather than physical, although there is one violent scene leading to the denouement.

Very promising first novel, although I haven’t been able to determine what the moon or its heat have to do with anything…..


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