It’s a Mystery: House of Doors, by Chaz Brenchley

House of Doors
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bleak house

Ruth Taylor is reeling from the death of her husband, an RAF pilot who was forced to ditch and didn’t manage to deploy his parachute. Seeking to lose herself in work, she accepts an off to serve as nursing supervisor at a remote hospital that rehabilitates pilots who survived horrific injuries. For the purpose, the British government has taken over a country estate, D’Esperance, which is operated by a plastic surgeon, a psychiatrist, and a military trainer. There seems to be a hidden agenda at D’Esperance, one that appalls Ruth. Almost from the moment of her arrival, she’s been “haunted” by her husband, and within days things begin to go terribly wrong. Falling is the central metaphor in this novel, in every sense of the word. House of Doors offers enthralling psychological mystery and suspense, as readers follow Ruth through its doors, hidden passages, corridors, and kitchens.


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