Historical Fiction: Lady of Sherwood, by Jennifer Roberson

Lady of Sherwood
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Richard the Lionheart has just died, and for his subjects, the world has turned upside down. Richard’s nefarious brother, John, is his likely successor, a situation that is treacherous for many of Richard’s favorites. Five years earlier, Lord Robert of Locksley in the shire of Nottingham, infuriated the dastardly Sheriff DeLacey by absconding with the money meant for John to use in his plot to supplant his as king. Richard pardoned Robert, but all deals are off.

Jennifer Roberson has spun out a romantic, adventure filled tale about how Robert of Locksley became Robin Hood. We are all familiar with his Merry Men and with the love of his life, Marian, and now new life has been breathed into their ancient legend. This is an exciting, suspenseful tale marred only by the author’s propensity for making “types” of her characters, and for revisiting the reasons for their behavior over and over again. ¬†Archetypes are great for legends but not so great for historical novels. Nonetheless, Lady of Sherwood makes for great escapist reading.


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