It’s a Mystery: Night Sins, by Tami Hoag

Night Sins (Deer Lake, #1)
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Tami Hoag has written some decent novels, but alas, Night Sins does not fit into that category. This novel is ostensibly a mystery, set around the abduction of a young boy from a hockey rink in remote Deer Lake, MI. But what should be the focus of the plot, which might have been pretty compelling, takes second place to a romance that could not have been more of a cliche, but could have served well as two years of episodes for a TV soap opera. Sexy Megan O’Malley, a petite bundle of sass, breezes into town on assignment from the MI Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. As the Bureau’s first female field officer, she’s determined to make her mark, and she certainly does that. Over and over again. With anyone who notices she’s a woman. Enough with the feminism already. When Megan meets Deer Lake’s Chief of Police, the Harrison Fordian Mitch Holt, he’s wearing red long johns for a winter pageant, and his outfit, of course, leaves nothing to the imagination. Sparks fly, but these two rub each other the wrong way, and it will take the entire book for them to give in to that old, impossible chemistry. The other major characters are also “types” : the verbally abusive husband, the warm and supportive neighbor, the chief’s secretary who holds the department together with her strength of character, the abducted child’s mom who’s torn between the responsibilities of motherhood and of her job as ER physician.

Too bad Night Sins doesn’t live up to its blurb. Could have, might have, just didn’t.


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