Paranormal: Witchlight, by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Witchlight (Light, #2)

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Thirty-something Winter Musgrave awakens one morning possessing only ragged shreds of memory about her very identity. Even more scary are the mutilated animals she keeps finding in the yard, and the creepy way in which things keep flying off shelves. Hysterical, Winter seeks the assistance of a team of parapsychologists, and by following their advice, she begins to recover bits and pieces of her past. She also discovers that she has some formidable psychic abilities.

Witchlight cannot even hold a pale candle to author Bradley’s acclaimed The Mists of Avalon. While Mists drew its readers into a rich, credible fantasy world, Witchlight reads more like soap opera. As a character, Winter, described as a Wall Street trader, is remarkably overwrought and helpless. I kept thinking that a mild tranquilizer would go a long way toward helping her to get a grip. The plot revolves around a place called “Nuclear Lake” (really!), where as college students, Winter and her friends dabbled in black magic. Something happened that prompted Winter to leave school only weeks from graduation. Though she lost touch with her clique, it is now imperative that she reconnect with each of them.

Bradley wraps things up with a melodramatic scene in which Winter reunites with her (now dead) former boyfriend. The final pages are trite and treacly. Give this one a miss; Bradley can do much better.


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