It’s Halloween: Garlic and Vampires

It’s commonly known that garlic is supposed to ward off vampires. In Romania, home of the infamous, prototypic Dracula,  for centuries people have  not only worn garlic amulets and tucked it under their pillows, but also smeared it on their windows and doors. What I have not been able to discover, however, is why vampires so dislike garlic. After all,werewolves don’t seem to mind it much.  I’ve come across only one explanation that makes much sense, and it has to do with some much tinier bloodsuckers.

Garlic is an effective insect repellent, and some insects that bite spread virulent diseases. This is especially true of mosquitos, who pierce the skin to extract blood. Some of the symptoms of malaria – exhaustion, fever, anemia –  resemble those caused by being bitten by a vampire without being turned or drained of blood. Vampires, in their bat form, can fly like mosquitoes, and they suck blood, so, garlic would seem to be the natural deterrent.

If anyone knows a better theory, or simply a different one, it would be great if you post it here as a comment. Thanks, and Happy Halloween!





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