It’s a Mystery: The First Victim, by Ridley Pearson

The First Victim (Boldt/Matthews, #6)Just OK

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Newly promoted Lt. Lou Boldt is drawn back onto the streets of Seattle, when a shipping container, with its human cargo, is found floating outside the harbor. News anchorwoman Stevie McNeal is eager to score a scoop, with an expose of the smuggling of illegal aliens into the city, to slave away as prostitutes or in sweatshops. She assigns her adopted sister, a young Chinese journalist, to do some research, but she goes too far under cover and ominously disappears. Boldt and his former partner, Sgt. LaMoia, must cope with the INS, media interference, and the Chinese mafia, in their efforts to uncover the smuggling ring.

The First Victim is interesting enough, but lacks both the personal slant on Lou’s life outside the police department, and the sense of sustained suspense that characterizes some of Pearson’s other work in this series. It’s difficult to become engaged with the TV journalist and her sister, who both make inane decisions, and Daphne Matthews, Boldt’s counterpart, makes little more than a cameo appearance. Just OK.


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