How to pronounce Massachusetts town names

Amherst   Amurst

Leyden             Lie-den

Harvard           Hahvid

Harwich            Harritch

Holyoke            Whole-yoke

Leicester          Lester

Leominster      Lemonstir

Marlborough    Mallbro

Quincy               Kwinzee

Shrewsbury      Shoes-bree

Swansea            Swanzee

Woburn            Woobin

Worcester         Wuss-stuh


5 thoughts on “How to pronounce Massachusetts town names

  1. Pete says:

    A couple more that amuse my from-away spouse;
    Peabody: Peabiddy
    Eastham: East Ham
    Chatham: Chathim
    Medford: Medfid or Medfird
    Stoneham: Stone Ham (I’m told)
    Billerica: Debated, but I learned Billrica growing up in Burlington next door.
    and my Harwich native friend says “Hawich”.

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