Historical Fiction: A Curse Dark as Gold, by Elizabeth C. Bunce

A Curse Dark as GoldThe Miller daughter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Charlotte Miller and her sister Rosie represent the end of the family line. For generations, they have owned and run Stirwater Mill, spinning yarn and dyeing cloth. Now that their father has died, Charlotte is tenacious in her determination to keep the mill in business, partly because of tradition and partly because the folks that comprise the little village of Shearing depend upon it for their livelihood. Besides the fact of her gender, Charlotte faces two formidable obstacles, one the sizeable debt her father left behind, and the other, the legacy of bad luck that has dogged the mill since it was first built. She doesn’t believe in curses or magic, but Rosie does, and when Rosie resorts to casting spells to help her sister, a stranger arrives. Calling himself “Jack Spinner”, this very strange individual can work wonders, in exchange for things that hold emotional significance to the person he assists. But when his price becomes unimaginable, Charlotte realizes that she must not merely believe in the curse, but must find a way to conquer it. In the process, she learns profound lessons about love, loyalty, and inter-connectedness.

Billed as a book for young adults, A Curse Dark as Gold transcends age limits. Fairy tales are timeless in their treatment of archetypal themes and concerns. In this reworking of the Rumpelstiltskin story, Ms. Bunce blends folkloric elements with modern ones and tells the tale from the heroine’s point of view. And Charlotte is a formidable heroine, making her stand against sexism, class-ism, marital problems, bankruptcy, and intimidation. Author Bunce’s characters, both good and bad, are richly delineated, and her themes are universal. There are magical elements in this book, but don’t expect a ride as wild as a Harry Potter’s. The balance between reality and magic is always maintained, and it’s this balance that makes the story so credible. What it does contain in tension, spookiness, suspense, embedded in a plot that is dark, resonant, and ultimately satisfying. The awards garnered by this debut novel are richly deserved.

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