It’s a Mystery: I Can See You, by Karen Rose

I Can See You (book #10)The Red Dress Killer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eve Wilson, a victim of a vicious assault that left her scarred for life, literally and figuratively, is now a grad student in psychology. She’s based her dissertation on a study of participants in a virtual reality game, Shadowland, where they can be whomever they want to be. When several of the her female subjects are murdered, Eve reluctantly becomes a confidential informant, working closely with hunky detective Noah Webster (really!). The serial killer is diabolical, researching his victims’ pasts to identify their deepest fears, which he incorporates into each of the murders. He uses his avatar on Shadowland to lure them into his deadly traps.

This is a decent plot, but it’s marred in its execution by predictability and implausibleness. As Eve and Noah strive to capture this monster, they are inescapably drawn to one another. The killer is so skilled that he’s able to elaborately do away with 6 women in the course of a single week. Eve is, of course, targeted by the killer, because he’s afraid she’ll be able to identify him through her research. And it’s possible for the reader to guess his identity by the halfway point.

In I Can See You, the romantic elements share equal time with the suspense. There are some gruesome details described during scene of crime sections, but they’re not overly graphic. Overall, good enough, but not great.


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