The Six Sacred Stones, by Matthew Reilly

The Six Sacred Stones (Jack West Jr, #2)Strap on those wings, time to fly outta here!

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The plot is simple. A team of highly skilled people, who have given themselves names like Scimitar and Wizard, must garner all their high tech resources and mobilize to prevent the end of the world. Their quest is to locate the 6 sacred stones and place them on the 6 sacred pillars, which are located at various mystical places around the globe. Only then will the Dark Sun, the opposite of our star sun, be neutralized. That’s it. The plot.

The Six Sacred Stones is more a series of sensational action sequences using incredible devices, which do not yet exist in the more mundane world, than a novel. Reading this book is like watching a Road Runner cartoon. There is no character development, no mystery (you know the good guys will always come out ahead), and, considering all the escapes from the jaws of death, no suspense. Fans of chase scenes, sci-fi gadgets, and endlessly resourceful heroes will enjoy the story. Not recommended for more serious readers.


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