It’s a Mystery: Killer Smile, by Lisa Scottoline

Killer Smile (Rosato & Associates, #9)Long buried crimes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The focus is on Atty. Mary diNunzio in Ms. Scottoline’s ninth novel featuring the all-woman law group, Rosato & Associates. Mary takes on a pro-bono case at the request of family friends, that of WWII internee Amadeo Brandolini, who apparently committed suicide during his confinement. Most of the principals are now deceased as well. As Mary checks things out, however, she receives threats on her life, and when a fellow attorney is murdered, she suspects that Amadeo did not die by his own hand. The closer Mary gets to the truth, the more perilous the case becomes.

Killer Smile is a light, interesting legal thriller, though after the first few pages, it lacks the tension that characterizes much of Ms. Scottoline’s other work. There are some problems with the plot – it’s never made clear why Mary would take such risks for a man who died sixty years ago, one who had no grand estate to recover, and she is prone to taking some impulsive risks that are genuinely inane. Nevertheless, the outcome is a satisfactory one that would not have come about without her persistent sleuthing.

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