Thriller: Love You More, by Lisa Gardner

Love You More (Detective D.D. Warren #5)Finding Sophie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two Boston policewomen, D.D. Warren of the Boston police department, and Massachusetts State Trooper Tessa Leone, go head to head on a case involving the murder of Tessa’s husband, Brian, and the disappearance of her 6 year old daughter Sophie. D.D. is shocked to find herself newly pregnant, and pondering the question of what kind of mother she could possibly make, when the murder is called in. She’s disturbed about the death, but even more about the missing child. Teamed up with former lover Bobby Dodge of the State Police, D.D. is immediately suspicious of Tessa, whose battered face and concussion mark her as a battered wife. And she’s right to be suspicious. The more Bobby and D.D. investigate, the clearer it becomes that Tessa, and some of her colleagues, are lying. But Tessa is equally determined to stay one step ahead of the investigators, both of whom are skilled and experienced, and appears to be uncooperative.

Love You More is narrated alternately by Tessa herself and by a generic narrator who recounts D.D.’s thoughts and actions. Bit by bit, pieces of the mystery are revealed, but often they are not what they seem, and when new facts emerge, they’re equally contradictory. Whether or not Tessa is guilty, you find yourself caring about what becomes of her and her child. Author Lisa Gardner does her research, and is a master a presenting realistic, tense thrillers that revolve around contemporary problems. Her protagonists are consistent and honest. She has said that men shy away from crime novels written by women, but Gardner’s novels can compete with those of Michael Connelly, Harlen Coben, or any of the other bestselling authors in the genre.

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