Archaeology News: More on the Dig at New Place (Shakespeare)

The  dig at the site of Shakespeare’s last home in Stratford Upon Avon is emerging from its winter hiatus, and is about to begin excavating in parts of the land that have never been previously touched.  Thus far, evidence has been uncovered that challenges the way the house and grounds have been interpreted. Perhaps the most exciting feature of this project is that members of the public are invited to observe and even participate in the work. “The Dig for Shakespeare” is open 7 days a week, until the project closes again in October. There is an admission charge, which includes entry to the Birthplace, Hall’s Croft, and Nash’s House, where there is an exhibit of some of the finds. The ticket is good for a year, enabling visitors to return as often as they like. Further information about this exciting undertaking can be found here.

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