Moodus Earthquake: Not Just Noise

Earthquakes hardly ever happen in these parts. The region around the country town of Moodus has long been known for its strange noises, since the 1600’s, in fact, and much earlier among the Native Americans. Actually, its very name comes from the native term “machimoodus”, which means “land of noises.” Talk of angry gods has given way to geological theory, specifically that the rumblings are due to minor seismic shifts. The one last night, however, was somewhat larger, though still way too minor to break the surface. Guess we’re fortunate to live in a place where such things make news, not disasters.

from WFSB Channel 3 News:

CHESTER, Conn. — A minor earthquake rumbled in Chester overnight, the U.S. Geological Survey told Eyewitness News Tuesday morning. USGS officials said the earthquake registered a 2.0 magnitude shortly after 11 p.m. Monday. According to USGS, the earthquake occurred about three miles from Chester Center, about four miles from Deep River Center, about five miles from Moodus Center and about 18 miles from Meriden Center.Eyewitness News has learned that fire officials in the Chester area received calls Monday night about noises.


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