True Crime: Because You Loved Me, by M. William Phelps

5.0 out of 5 stars The drama queen and the sociopath

Because You Loved Me is a detailed case study of different sorts of love, platonic, parental, romantic, and obsessive. It’s easy to predict which type will go wrong. The High Queen of the drama queens, Nicole, falls in a twisted sort of love with macho manipulator Billy, and in a metter of days, she is blind to all the good things in her life. Her mom, her friends, her education, her home – Nicole no longer sees value in any of this, and when Billy enters the picture, purely by chance, her daily existence changes from normal to, in her estimation, a living hell. And suddenly, she cannot fathom how she can possibly live without this guy whom she barely knows. Together, Nicole and Billy make fateful choices that will ensure that they will have to live without each other, forever and ever. What is surprising is that they were so blind to the fact that their actions would have irreversible, devastating consequences.

M. William Phelps is a skilled researcher who knows how to delve for facts and nuances, and page by page, he uncovers the details, delineating the story of this young couple’s disastrous obsession from its inception to its miserable conclusion. He approaches this murder from three angles, that of the victim and her fiance, that of the besotted, daughter and her maladjusted suitor, and that of the legal system. This is no mystery story; rather, it is a dissection of the anatomy of a crime committed by two terribly misguided, hysterical teens. It is nothing less than chilling, another example about what can happen when children are improperly parented. Highly recommended.


4 thoughts on “True Crime: Because You Loved Me, by M. William Phelps

  1. Gay S. says:

    Hi, I would very much like to read this book. Is it avail for swap? I have lots of tc books that are not listed yet. Is there one you would like that we can arrange a trade?

  2. Cassandra Christiana says:

    Instead of calling him a sociopath and her so innocent think about how manipulative a young woman can be and how she tragically took him away from his family and friends he was a good man who just got involved with the wrong little girl and courts have put peoplein jail for life before making the mistake of thinking one sided the way all of you do!!!!!

  3. myonlysalvation says:

    i do accually know the girlfriend of nicole, her girlfriend had gotten released from prison for a short time, and to me nicole fits the crime..she’s manipulative, game playing, mind hypnotizing…i know she has some strong good traits also, which makes her even more deceitful.

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