It’s a Mystery: Devil’s Corner, by Lisa Scottoline

Devil's CornerStreet smarts 

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There’s a rundown, drug infested neighborhood in Philadelphia known as Devil’s Corner, where the father of Assistant U.S. Attorney Victoria Allegretti grew up. On a routine call to the hood, Vicki’s partner is gunned down, and, Vick being Vick, she plunges into the quest to nail the perp. The very next day, the addicted mother of Raheema Bristow is cruelly murdered, and she reluctantly agrees to provide Vicki with the street smarts necessary to navigate this jungle.

As a crime/police procedural novel, Devil’s Corner is simplistic and, in parts, incredible. But the chemistry that develops between Raheema and Vicki is fun. There’s a particularly entertaining scene in which Raheema can only roll her eyes over Vick’s vocabulary. But Vick leads Raheema into some truly inane situations, and the reader has to wonder how she gets away with her impulsive, law-breaking tactics. But if you’re willing to forgo veracity, there’s some entertainment to be had in Devil’s Corner.


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