History News: Mural of Henry VIII Discovered

From the BBC, 1/28/11:

The current owners of the house once owned by Thomas Cranmer, ill fated Archbishop of Canterbury during the reign of Henry VIII, have uncovered a 16th century mural when removing wooden paneling  from a wall. The painting is about 20 feet high, and shows the king sitting on his throne with his symbols of power. Cranmer supported the Boleyns in Henry’s quest to divorce Catherine of Aragon, but was later burned as a heretic by Queen Mary I.  He lived in this house in Milverton, Somerset, while he was serving as Archdeacon of  Taunton.

The couple who made the discovery said that “It is a presence and you do feel there’s just something there behind you looking over your shoulder…. When people come in, he grabs the attention.”  I’ll bet!

For more information and a short video with closeups of the mural, visit  here .


4 thoughts on “History News: Mural of Henry VIII Discovered

      • quinn says:

        Thanks – glad I checked back!
        My favorite part of the article was the quote from Angie Powell: “When we saw the eyes appear out of the plaster it was a real moment.”
        Can you imagine?!! A real moment indeed 🙂

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