It’s a Mystery: The Postcard Killers, by James Patterson and Liza Marklund

The Postcard Killers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Best selling authors James Patterson and Lisa Marklund collaborate in writing a thriller about serial killers on a crime spree through Europe. NYPD detective Jacob Kanon takes on a mission to track down the murderers of his daughter, who died with her boyfriend while vacationing in Rome. In fact, young couples visiting popular tourist destinations have been targeted, their brutally mutilated corpses laid out to resemble famous works of art. Readers learn early that the prime suspects are an American brother/sister team, who regard murder as a form of avant garde art. They signal there intention beforehand, by mailing postcards to a journalist in their next chosen city. In Stockholm, reporter Dessie Larsen has received such a card, and Kanon teams up with her to bring these sadists to justice.

The Postcard Killers is fast moving, its plot a cat and mouse game in which it appears that the killers might just be able to get away scot free. None of its characters are especially engaging, but the smugness and hubris of the murderers is enough to make you want to see them brought down. Their reasons for their imaginative efforts are esoteric, and it seems they have a sort of following on the internet. This is a quick read with lots of twists and turns, and some sexual interludes, but don’t expect any insights into what makes these particular psychos tick.

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