It’s a Mystery: The Hunt Club, by John Lescroart

The Hunt ClubPrime suspect

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Wyatt Hunt, having lost his job with Child Protection Services for refusing to be bribed, has decided to channel his skills in another direction. He opens The Hunt Club, not to ride to hounds, but to do private investigations. His high school pal, Dev Juhle, is a cop, and is now working on the murder of a federal judge and his mistress. Wyatt has recently hooked up with TV lawyer Andrea Parisi, and when she goes missing, it seems her disappearance may be linked with the murder case. But when Juhle pegs Parisi as the prime suspect, Hunt sets out, unhampered by due process considerations, to locate her and establish her innocence.

This simple-sounding plot is actually overly complicated, to the point where it’s sometimes tricky to keep the facts straight. I never was able to pinpoint exactly why Parisi was targeted, for instance. Perhaps because this is an introductory novel, the characters come across as rather hollow, and one in particular is downright ludicrous. It’s an intriguing mystery that, pared down, could have been compelling as well. As it stands, however, it’s just OK.

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