Thanksgiving Memories: The Cornucopia

Derived from the Latin Cornu = horn, Copia = abundance.

The cornucopia is a horn-shaped container overflowing with fruit, nuts, and vegetables. Its origin as a symbol of abundance comes from Greek mythology. Zeus was raised on goat’s milk by Amalthea. In gratitude, he gave her a goat’s horn that had the poser to grant the wishes of whoever possessed it. Zeus also set the image of a goat into the night sky, as the constellation Capricorn. Since the 5th century BCE, gods and goddesses, especially Fortuna, goddess of luck and fate, would be depicted carrying a cornucopia.

Today the “Horn of Plenty” is a symbol of the abundance of the harvest, most often associated in America with the Thanksgiving holiday. No longer is it a genuine goat’s horn, but rather a large, cone-shaped wicker basket. Though the material may have changed, the meaning of the cornucopia has persisted throughout the centuries, and many a horn of plenty graces the center of the Thanksgiving dinner table.



Wishing you and your family

all the blessings of Thanksgiving

as you gather together to

celebrate and give thanks.




Article on the history of the wishbone tradition:


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories: The Cornucopia

  1. lisa says:

    I have been on line for an hour trying to find out- Why a cornucopia for Thanksgiving? I finally found this article on page 8! Thank you so much!

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