It’s a Mystery: Killer Heat, by Linda Fairstein

Killer Heat (Alexandra Cooper Mystery, #10)Summer in the City

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Assistant NYC District Attorney Alex Cooper is a smart, gutsy lady who finds her work, helping victims and putting away those who harm them, deeply satisfying. Working with a skilled, equally devoted team of detectives, she finds herself conducting investigations in the hidden places in and around the city, little known locations that provide the perfect settings for enterprising criminals. This time around, Governor’s Island, a military bastion that’s been used for defensive purposes since America was young, is the scene of a series of horrific rape/murders. In less than ten days, three women have gone missing, and the pressure is mounting to catch the monster behind the abductions. To up the ante, Alex is being stalked and threatened by a group of gang bangers trying to wreak vengeance for her conviction of their illustrious leader.

Once again, Linda Fairstein has expertly constructed a gripping story brimming with legal conundrums, forensics, and local history. Killer Heat is a page turner, with its final 75 pages bristling with suspense. Right up my alley!

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