History News: Roanoke’s Lost Colony May Now be Found

The website HamptonRoads.com published an article this morning about the mystery of the “lost colony” on Roanoke Island, North Carolina.

In 1587 Sir Walter Raleigh organized a colonial expedition of settlers including a governor, John White.  The fleet set sail from  England on 8 May and reached Roanoke Island, just off the coast of what is now North Carolina, in July.

Friendly relations were established with the Croatoan Native Americans, and the fleet sailed back to England to acquire more supplies. The following year a new fleet was preparing to return to Roanoke when it was diverted to fight the Spanish armada. When White finally returned in 1590 the settlement was deserted, with no sign of a struggle or battle. Only a single clue, the word “Croatoan” was found, carved into the bark of a tree.  Speculation about what actually happened to the missing colonists has raged on for a couple of centuries.

Now Scott Dawson of the Hatteras Histories and Mysteries Museum in Buxton, N.C.  Buxton, it seems, was once called Croatoan by the Native Americans comprising the tribe of the same name.  The current archaeological study being conducted at  Fort Raleigh on Roanoke Island, where the colonists attempted to live,  has turned up artifacts that may prove Dawson’s belief that Europeans abandoned their settlement, moved to the Indian village, and were assimilated into the tribe.

To me, this sounds like the most probable solution to the mystery. Read the full article to decide for yourself.


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