It’s a Mystery: Nothing but the Truth, by John Lescroart

Nothing but the Truth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Poor Dismas Hardy. His wife Frannie’s in jail on contempt of court charges. Seems she’s protecting a secret confided to her by her friend Ron, now the prime suspect in the murder of his beautiful wife Bree. Naturally Dis is shaken, mostly because Frannie’s relationship with this man seems so close. If there’s nothing between them, why would she be willing to go to jail for him? Nevertheless, Dis takes on the burden of discovering who murdered Bree, hoping that his fears about his own wife will be proved unwarranted.

What follows is a lengthy, convoluted investigation, involving oil companies, environmental advocates, and high level politics. At times, the narrative bogs down as facts are rehashed and theories formulated. Hardy is an engaging character, his wife less so, and his friendship with homicide detective Abe Glitsky sees him through this personal and professional crisis. This is a good plot that drags on too long, sapping the sense of suspense with which the book starts out. The ending does come as a surprise, especially for Ron, the man with the secret.

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