It’s a Mystery: Think Twice, by Lisa Scottoline

Think Twice (Rosato & Associates, #11)The other



My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Park your sense of reality in the garage and jump right into Think Twice, a suspense novel built upon an incredible premise, but fun anyway. Benny Rosato, head of an all female law firm, is blindsided by her identical twin, Alice. No matter that Benny saved her from a murder rap; Alice is insanely jealous of her sister’s hard earned fortune, and cooks up an intricate plot to put herself, literally, in her sister’s place.

Author Scottoline must have had a wonderful time plotting this one out. Incredibly, Alice manages to pass herself off as Benny; she walks like her, talks like her, dresses like her, and, having worked as a paralegal, manages to pass herself off as a high powered attorney. Eventually, Benny’s closest friends become just a tad suspicious. And Benny herself is fighting for her life, as well as for her identity.

Into this mix, Scottoline throws the queen of the witches, a relative of Benny’s associate Mary, visiting from Italy. The Evil Eye, and cousin Fiorella’s uncanny ability to read souls, play an important behind the scenes role in getting to the bottom of things.

If you read it for the fun of it, you’ll enjoy Think Twice.



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