It’s a Mystery: Gospel Truths, by J. G. Sandom

Gospel TruthsQ

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

English detective Nigel Lyman, once the golden boy of the department, is now reeling in the aftermath of personal and professional losses. It comes as a surprise, therefore, when he’s selected to head up an investigation of a death that originally was classified as a suicide. At first, the case seems like insignificant “busy work”, but Lyman soon discovers that it’s anything but. At its heart is the legendary Q document, supposed to be the original work upon which the New Testament gospels were based. It seems that the “suicide” was a man with a great interest in locating Q, who may have been murdered for his trouble. The crumbs along the trail lead Lyman to Amiens Cathedral in France, home to a mysterious stone labyrinth. When Lyman meets an American mathematician who is studying the labyrinth, they compare notes, and the hunt is on. Why is Q so important? Because it may contain writings that undermine the very foundations of Christianity.

Written in 1992, Gospel Truths is an intelligent, complex, and competently written thriller. No bells or whistles here, just a few laptops, along with some dedicated and dangerous individuals determined to get their hands on Q, for various reasons of their own. And no neatly wrapped up ends in the final chapters. But there are some interesting passages descriptive of different locations, such as Chartres and the Rodin Museum in Paris, and some mostly believable action sequences. And Masonic secrets, corrupt church officials, and money laundering schemes – all well before DaVinci Code, imagine that!

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery: Gospel Truths, by J. G. Sandom

  1. Don White says:

    You might want to check out The God Machine too. The sequel to Gospel Truths shifts backward and forward in time, moving from the days of Ben Franklin to contemporary times. Fascinating.

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