It’s a Mystery: Always Say Goodbye, by Stuart Kaminsky

Always Say Goodbye: A Lew Fonesca Mystery (Lew Fonesca)

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

For a thriller, this book sure is talky. Lew leaves Florida on the advice of his therapist, heading Chicago to track down the murderer of his beloved wife Catherine. It’s difficult to believe that a psychologist would make such a suggestion, especially knowing of the likelihood that more death will occur. Anyway, the action, such as it is, begins almost immediately, with someone following Lew’s car as he’s leaving the airport. From that point, the plot drags on. Lew is tipped off about the identity of the killer, but before he can corner him, he must wade through endless scenes involving threats from various street thugs, family scenes in which a murderous Greek grandmother bakes delicious treats, and Lew’s own ruminations in which he decides he cannot let go of his depression because it will take him away from Catherine completely. Shades of Monk here. Perhaps fans of this series will embrace the opportunity to move forward with their hero, but be prepared for some long dull stretches before Lew can come to terms with his inner demons.

(Stuart Kaminsky died from hepatitis in October, 2009.)

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