Watch This: Johnny Tremain

4.0 out of 5 stars Young patriots

I vividly recall loving this movie  as a child. (My girlfriends and I had serious crushes on character Rab, played by Richard Beymer, whom I also liked quite a lot a few years later in West Side Story.) Now an interpreter at the Nathan Hale Homestead museum in Coventry, CT, I helped run a Revolutionary War film festival a few summers ago, and Johnny T. was the hit of the series. An audience of 65, mostly adults, sat under the stars for this entire movie. Though cleaned up and made pretty the way the Disney company is wont to do, JT presents a simplified but engaging version of the impact of early revolutionary events on the lives of three teenaged friends. The drama is believable and the remastering excellent. If you saw the film years ago, it’s fun to revisit. If it’s new to you, I’m sure you, and the children in your life, will enjoy it. Today’s teenagers, however, are apt to find it “lame”.


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