Thriller: The League of Night and Fog, by David Morrell

The League of Night and FogNazi Inheritance

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Usually I enjoy books in this genre, but The League of Night and Fog just didn’t come through for me. The premise is a clear one, built around a loosely organized team searching desperately for the perpetrators of a series of kidnappings. All of the victims share a secret that dates back to WWII, being members of a crack unit dedicated to rescuing Jews from the Nazi death squad, The League of Night and Fog. Half a century later, it’s up to the children of these men to rescue them, if they’re still alive.

Strong beginning, but the book quickly slides into a repetitive cycle of mortal danger and narrow escapes. Apparently, the protagonist characters were previously developed in earlier novels, but in League, they come across as cardboard cutouts. At times, the action is interspersed with coy love scenes, and the dialogue tends toward the simplistic. The gruesome photographic evidence, with which to identify and implicate the war criminals, is described so frequently that it begins to lose its impact. Not surprisingly, the resolution is a satisfactory one, but much slogging through is required in order to arrive there.

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