Modern Lit: Heart of the Matter, by Emily Giffin

Heart of the MatterHeart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Heart of the Matter served as my introduction to the work of Emily Giffin, and with respect to the mechanics of writing, she’s more than competent. Her plotting, however, at least in this book, left something to be desired. The plot can be summarized in just a few words. A happily (?) married surgeon falls for the mother of one of his patients, and his wife spends much of the movel in denial. She also spends a lot of time gossiping on the phone with her best friend, about the behavior of the mother in question. Fictional examinations of marriages and infidelity have long been popular subjects. The problem with this one is that there’s little substance beyond the situation itself. In other words, there is no heart in this matter beyond the trite and superficial. I’d love to see Giffen tackle something meatier.

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