It’s a Mystery: Without Mercy, by Lisa Jackson

Without MercyWithout Mercy by Lisa Jackson

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Seventeen year old Shaylee Stillman is a hellion, and a judge has laid down the law. She must enroll in a school for troubled teens, or it’s jailtime. There’s something about the Blue Rock Academy that doesn’t sit right with her older half sister Jules, who decides to take a teaching job there as a sort of amateur investigator, just to be sure little sis will be okay. Unbenownst to Jules, her former boyfriend Cooper, the love of her life whom she just can’t forget, also works there, hired by the parents of a former student who disappeared a few months back. In no time, a murderer begins to run amok and the students start dropping like flies.

Without Mercy is the sort of book in which all the women are *itches and all the men *astards, at least according to the bad guys. After her initial shock at encountering Cooper, whom she calls “Cowboy”, the inevitable happens; guess who uncovers the truth about the murders, after nearly falling victim to the sociopaths themselves. Apparently the school is run and staffed by incompetents, and the local police are no use either.

In Without Mercy, the passages meant to be suspenseful fall flat, the outcome is predictable from early on, and the book is much too long. Recommended to readers who enjoy adventurous romance novels with some steamy interludes and language.

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