Watch This: Widow’s Peak

4.0 out of 5 stars Who’s that lady?

Mia Farrow and Natasha Richardson are the perfect foils in Widows’ Peak (1995). Named for an Irish village in which numerous widows have congregated, the town is turned upside down when a pretty young widow arrives, setting off a feud with the middle aged Miss O’Hare. Most of the film centers upon the growing conflict between the two, each of whom is fostering a romance with a local swain. It soon becomes apparent who is really running this community, and it isn’t the mayor! When Miss O’Hare disappears, the indomitable Mrs. Counihan accuses the obvious suspect. The denouement comes in the form of a surprising and satisfying twist.

The scenery and the character actors bring much charm to this romantic mystery, sure to please viewers who enjoy such movies as Tea with Mussolini and A Month by the Lake.


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