It’s a Mystery: Angels Flight, by Michael Connelly

4.0 out of 5 stars After OJ

Wonder how Harry got so cynical, so lonely, so determined? Angels Flight answers all those questions, and more. Called out upon the discovery of the murder of an anti-cop lawyer, he immediately fears that a cop committed the crime. In the post OJ climate of LA, the chief demands a politically correct outcome to this investigation. But Harry has a conscience, and the outrages that occur as he works the scene and the records, threaten to undermine his willingness, and ability, to work within the system. Complicating matters are worries about his marriage. Harry and Eleanor love each other, but she seems to feel the lack of something indeterminate, and he had hoped, when they married, that he could provide the je ne sais pas. If only Harry could come to the realization that no one can do that, that Eleanor must find her own spark. But he can’t, and so he suffers. Eleanor’s a fool.

Harry Bosch is a curious combination of hard boiled and sensitive. He is his own harshest critic, and his Los Angeles is anything but the city of dreams. Perhaps that is what makes him such an engaging protagonist. The reader feels with him and for him, and trusts him to do the right thing, morally if not practically. In Angels Flight, he is pushed to the limit.


One thought on “It’s a Mystery: Angels Flight, by Michael Connelly

  1. Kay O'Sullivan says:

    I loved this book,I’ve read it three times,in this Harry is at his professional best but he is also at his most sensitive.
    Kay O’Sullivan

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