It’s a Mystery: The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross

3.0 out of 5 stars The edge of the dark tide

Part mystery and part romance, Dark Tide would make a great soap opera or mini-series. A thirty-something mother of teenagers from Gold Coast CT, whose husband is a financial advisor with aspirations to become a high flier, becomes a widow when his train is exploded by terrorists. The ace detective, whose wife left him after their little daughter died in an accident that he might have prevented, has merely been going through the paces, his life empty and his guilt debilitating. When the wife, Karen, receives some vaguely discomfiting phone calls from strangers, she starts searching her husband’s papers and discovers that he was not completely honest. When her daughter is threatening by a thug, Karen contacts the cop, Ty, and the situation heats up big time. Who can Karen trust? How can she keep her family safe? In this book, her kids are conveniently invited  to accompany their grandparents on a lengthy African safari. Phew! But Karen is determined to get to the bottom of things, and boy, is that bottom ever deep. Dialogue like “Rot in hell, you bastard!” and a series of semi-steamy love scenes make this plot just perfect for a television adaptations. Good plane or beach read, just don’t look for anything deeper.


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